Transforming B2B E-commerce for Business Growth

Unlock a direct online sales channel for your B2B customers, empowering your sales team to deliver personalized service and expand their reach, all while streamlining the sales process.

MerCloud B2B E-commerce

Elevate Business Efficiency with Our Advanced Platform

Elevate Your Sales Team

Minimize customer service overheads by enhancing online sales with our distinctive, always updated cloud solution

Maximize Sales Growth

Deepen relationships with current customers, broaden your product range, and experience increased order frequency

Unified ERP Integration

Link effortlessly with your indispensable management systems, guaranteeing the fluid movement of critical data and preserving inherent business logic

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B2B Sales Excellence

Unlock unparalleled features with MerCloud, crafted to navigate the complexities of B2B sales seamlessly.

  • Adaptive Price Lists
  • Individualized Customer Payment Options
  • Exclusive Product Offerings
  • Defined Minimum Purchase Limits
  • Defined Sales Quantity Protocols
  • Streamlined Inventory Monitoring
  • In-depth Customer Profile Segmentation
  • Localization and Multiple Currency Options

Achieve B2B Excellence with Our Specialized Features

Tax Management System

Precision Tax Management for B2B Excellence

Elevate your B2B operations with our streamlined tax management system. Dive into a user-friendly yet robust tax module, crafted to navigate every B2B tax intricacy, letting you prioritize your business growth.

  • Automated Tax Estimation
  • Specific Tax Bands for Products and Customers
  • Tax Waivers and Exemptions

Discount Strategies

Unlock B2B Sales Potential with Strategic Promotions

Leverage MerCloud's capabilities to craft promotions tailored to specific customer profiles. Enhance customer retention, drive satisfaction, and outpace competitors in the B2B landscape.

  • Demographic-Focused Campaigns
  • Curated Catalog Promotions
  • Checkout Offers
  • Incremental Discount Rates

Page Builder

Craft a Shopping Experience That Stands Out

Harness the capabilities of our Page Builder to design a B2B e-commerce platform that captivates, enhancing user engagement and overall satisfaction.

  • Custom-Crafted Storefront Themes
  • Engaging Homepage Visuals
  • Customizable Product Catalog Views
  • Advanced Search Filter Options
  • Targeted Landing Pages
  • Seamless Checkout Customizations

Who Benefits from Our Expertise?

Our mission is to simplify and refine the B2B sales process, propelling businesses to new heights.

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